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Making websites informative and functional

This is clearly a subjective sphere and without doubt users will be attracted to web sites which are special or just that little bit different from the next one on the list. Annoyingly enough, users also what to know that the layout of site A is not radically different from that of site B. Visitors need to know what to expect in terms of layout and navigation when they are extracting information from the web. continue reading…

May 25 2014 AUTHOR: pixelkiosk COMMENTS: 0

Why you need Responsive Web Design (RWD)

There is an overwhelming case for RWD, organisations need to ensure that their websites are accessible from and compatible with different devices (mobile or PC). The case is simple new websites need to be accessible in this way as standard and older websites, (those developed before 2010) need to be overhauled so that they too are accessible from the latest tablet. continue reading…

Mar 10 2014 AUTHOR: pixelkiosk COMMENTS: 0

Web Development Trends in 2014

The single biggest change, (some say that everything else is insignificant), is the gravitation toward ensuring that websites are compatible with the burgeoning numbers of mobile devices. In the few years leading up to 2014 the need for responsive web design and the emergence of HTML5 has underpinned this emergence and steered the entire industry in entirely new directions where design and code need to be compatible with both PC’s and portable devices. continue reading…

Sep 06 2013 AUTHOR: pixelkiosk COMMENTS: 0

Why HTML 5 is the future of Web Development

HTML 5 is the latest incarnation of the hypertext markup programming language and since its release in 2011 its popularity has ballooned. The most important reason for this surge is because it can function in different browsers and between platforms with no need for plug-ins or extra downloads. continue reading…

Aug 15 2013 AUTHOR: pixelkiosk COMMENTS: 0

Another website went Live!

Man, it’s so much fun working with our clients. We never feel bushed. The reason behind our enthusiasm is our awesome clients. Just because of their gentleness and vastness, we always deliver their projects on time. We recently finished a WordPress website for one of our UK client. Here, take a look of the website.

Jul 24 2013 AUTHOR: pixelkiosk COMMENTS: 0

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